The greatest of all leaders get the results they do because they are incredible planners, with the abilities, knowledge, expertise and judgment needed to understand that every action, either taken or avoided, has certain ramifications. Joe Davis proclaimed, “One thing
I worked with a leader once who would make her mind up and then spend lot’s of time and other people’s effort finding and creating data that would support her decision. Virtually any piece of information that backed up her
Many people start to use drugs as a short term fix emotional and personal distresses. Substances such as drugs and alcohol might offer a momentary solution, but they can not fully resolved problems. Furthermore, they can cause irreparable complications in
Methamphetamine addiction can be prevented but, the process involves critical and strategic planning. Methamphetamine, commonly known as “meth”, is a highly addictive stimulant. The effects last longer than other drugs, making it even more potentially dangerous, than drugs whose effects
There are numerous challenges to true, impactful and meaningful leadership. Great leaders must be willing to handle the inevitable complaints, be thick – skinned enough to not take things that personally, spend lots of time and effort being trained, learning