In the three decades that I have been involved with developing, training, and teaching others how to be effective leaders, one of the most upsetting attitudes that I have often confronted is the attitude by many individuals in higher echelon
Today I would like to get started talking about goal setting and how this can help build your future. We have all heard about all of successful people in the world, haven’t we? Do you think that they were born
Whether one begins his service properly prepared and ready, he must be able to foresee obstacles and challenges, and do whatever might be necessary to assure the optimal degree of sustainability for the organization he represents. The main prerequisite for
A Leadership Circles (LC) is an implementation of a management development (MD) program. Many companies work on such a program and LC’s is a construction where the leaders are visible examples. One of the main characteristics is just this visibility.
The greatest of all leaders get the results they do because they are incredible planners, with the abilities, knowledge, expertise and judgment needed to understand that every action, either taken or avoided, has certain ramifications. Joe Davis proclaimed, “One thing